Arcade is a typeface that is based on Futura, and combines solid and disconnected elements. A system was developed where there is always a disconnected element, a line that reaches the top of the character, a solid element at the baseline, and the solid piece always reaches the same height.


Type Design, Book Layout,
Process Photography


Personal Project
(Class Project)

The system of Arcade

The foundation of Arcade is a set of characteristics that the different letterforms will share. This system provides the framework for creating a visually consistent typeface.

Final typeface

Through many rounds of refinements Arcade was formed. It is a sans-serif display typeface, with an architectural look and feel. It is based on a strong typeface and can be easily read.

Process book

Included with Arcade is a process book, which documents the process of designing Arcade, including initial sketches, specimen sheet, and naming research.