FOCA Stock

  • Product Management
  • UI/UX Design
  • Content Development & Photography
  • WordPress Development
  • Partnership Management
  • Social Media Marketing

A free and curated creative asset library

FOCA Stock is a website that provides free photos, videos, templates, and other creative resources for designers, developers, bloggers, and social media marketers. All free content is licensed under a CC0 license, for personal and commercial use. Founded in 2013, FOCA Stock emphasizes ease of use, powerful search and discovery, and high-quality assets.



Provide users with a high quality curated creative asset library


Make it easy to discover new and related content


Use data to curate and inform the content that is on FOCA, in order to meet the needs of users

As the founder, I play many different roles and adapt as needed. I plan the product roadmap, produce the content, designed the core UI/UX framework, developed a WordPress-based theme for FOCA Stock, manage partnerships with other providers (Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Envato), as well as manage the social media presence.

The content development and discovery

The experience of FOCA is designed to make finding the perfect photo or video effortless. The top navigation bar prominently features search and other curated content pages.

The content and sections on the homepage, photos page, and other landing pages are informed by analytics data, what users frequently search for, and what types of content are most downloaded.


The search experience is a major product touchpoint and brings users closer to the assets that they specifically want to find on FOCA. Related categories, tags, and collections are also displayed on the search result pages, which enable the user to find similar grouped content to what they had searched for as well.

In the past two years, search has been used on more than half of all visits to FOCA Stock. Based on analytics data, users that search are more engaged, have a lower bounce rate, view more pages per session, and have a longer session duration.

Improving discovery through collections

Collections allow the user to find assets of a similar theme or group. Instead of showing content by just a single category, FOCA Stock can combine multiple ones in a Collection, which will better curate and show similar content to what the user is looking for.

Viewing a single photo

When viewing a single photo or video, the user can download it, view colors, tags, colors, partner photos, and related FOCA photos. The license information is clearly shown alongside the download.


Categories and colors are shown for each photo/video

Resize your asset

Photos can be resized directly on FOCA

Partner Content

Curated related photos/videos from our partners

Collections and Tags

Tags and collections are shown so the user can see similar photos



Photo Downloads


Unique Searches


Total Sessions

Social Shout Outs

FOCA has been featured on Shopify, Canva, OptimizePress, and AllTheFreeStock