Innovative Minds

Innovative Minds: Discovering the Industrial Revolution is a book design on the subject of the Industrial Revolution. This topic was chosen due to its impact on society and how many of the inventions during that time were so critical to the development of culture and the economy.

These inventions include the steam engine, electricity, as well as innovations in the field of Graphic Design, such as photography and the printing press. These inventions have transformed society and have had a lasting impact. The book is designed to be informative and educational.

The book contained two opening spread and several text spreads as well as an appendix and index. The cover was designed as well to complete the entire book. Once designed the book was then printed and hand bound using mull and a pH adhesive to finally create a perfectly bound book.


Book Layout & Design,
Book Photography 


Personal Project
(Class Project)

Content types

Innovative Minds includes several types of content, including sidebars, running text, tables, and images. These content types communicate different pieces of information in a way that can be easily parsed. The sidebar for example, is designed to communicate quick facts and information instead of large paragraphs of text.

Accessible design

Innovative Minds is designed to be both informative and engaging. Design elements such as QR codes that link to videos, diagrams, and captioned images help the reader understand the different topics being described in the book.

Visual strategy

The typography of Innovative Minds is modern and inspired by mechanical type from the Industrial Revolution. The color palette is natural and earth driven.