A different perspective on the iPad calendar app

UI/UX Design


Personal Project (Class Project)

Days aims to create a calendar app that does not resemble a grid of dates, as seen on a physical print calendar. Instead, this application presents each day as a clock, showing the events for the day. It also lists upcoming events below the clock.


Getting Started

At first-use the user is presented with a welcome screen that informs them that Days will need access to their iOS calendar (where an iOS permission popup will display upon tapping Get Started!).

A Three Day View

This initial view provides information about the current and upcoming days. It shows calendar items in the form of a clock and uses color-coded circles to indicate the calendar item’s category. The user can select a new date range, view event information, and select calendars to display.

Viewing a Single Day

Tapping the day or pinching to zoom in brings the user to the day view, where it shows the same clock graphic and calendar events for that day.

Full Screen View

Pinching in again to zoom brings the user to an expanded date view, showing only one day and upcoming events.