Makr for iPhone

Launched in September 2014, Makr for iPhone features new products and a refined design experience, tailored for smaller devices. Products in Makr for iPhone includes t-shirts, tote bags, temporary tattoos, and logos.


The core user experience of Makr for iPhone is similar to Makr for iPad, sharing the same fast, fun, and straightforward design tools. Makr for iPhone and iPad share a common product, logos, which sync between devices.


Makr for iPhone was featured on Product Hunt.


UI/UX Design



Three step experience

The Makr for iPhone design experience is fast and easy. The three primary steps include selecting a template, customizing it in the workspace, and then positioning your design on the product. It follows a linear flow and is broken down in a way that is accessible to the user.

The workspace

The Makr for iPhone workspace user experience provides an abundance of features at a small scale. Supporting advanced typography controls, vector artwork, and custom imagery, Makr for iPhone offers a comprehensive set of powerful tools to make unique designs and products.

My Designs

My Designs allows the user to browse their previously saved designs and see them applied to different products. Logos created on Makr for iPad are also synced to the iPhone and show in My Designs. In addition, logos that have been purchased can be exported to a PNG on both Makr for iPad and iPhone.