Makr for iPad

As part of the Makr team, I am responsible for the user experience and user interface design of the Makr iOS app (iPad and iPhone) and the website. Makr is an iOS app for both iPad and iPhone, which enables anyone to design completely customized printed pieces. These pieces includes business cards, postcards, tags, wedding invitations, programs, save-the-dates, and more on Makr for iPad. Makr for iPhone features a smaller selection of products, including t-shirts, tote bags, and temporary tattoos. Both versions share a common product, Logos, which can be purchased as a PNG or applied to physical products.

The mass-market printing services out there don’t offer their users much creative agency and customization options, on top of a sometimes clunky user experience. With Makr, the world of design suddenly becomes accessible, intuitive and exciting.

When working on new projects, I sketch, wireframe, and prototype different options. I collaborate with our engineering, content, and design team to finalize the experience and deliver the needed designs or documentation. I frequently team up with our iOS engineer to provide feedback and refinements to the experience. My role at Makr is also a link between our content and engineering teams, in order to coordinate marketing initiatives and content releases.

Makr was selected as an App Store Best of 2014 app, Apple Editor’s Choice, and has been featured in Brit + Co.,Product Hunt, Martha Stewart Living, GigaOm, among others.  


UI/UX Design




With logos users can create custom branding that can be applied to Makr projects for free or exported to a PNG with a single in-app purchase for use on websites, portfolios, online stores, and other digital mediums. I initially sketched wireframes for the user flow and interface elements, which were then reviewed with our engineering team.

We created a digital product workspace which carries a subset of the print workspace’s features, but shares a consistent experience with the print product workspace. I also designed the purchase experience for a logo if the user wanted to use it outside of Makr. Within the print workspace, users can also add a logo to their print projects. 

Category pages

An update to Makr refined the layout of the category pages, in order to provide greater discovery and accessibility of different formats, templates, and original blog content from Makr. The category page is intended to be a starting point for new projects of a certain vertical (Business, Wedding, Holiday, etc), by showing themes within the category.

These new category pages introduced a new product bar, providing direct access to templates belonging to a specific format, such as business cards, postcards, invitations, cards, labels, stickers, etc. The landing pages for each format is organized by the originating category’s templates first, and then below it are templates from other categories.

Purchase experience

Once a user has made a project, they can choose to purchase prints, which is then fulfilled by Makr’s print partners. Alternatively a user can also purchase a hi-res PDF via in-app purchase. This purchase experience is designed to be fast and fluid, as it guides the user through the purchase process. The right panel provides the primary purchase options without encroaching on the user’s project. A lower resolution, watermarked proof PDF can also be exported for proofing purposes.

Checkout experience

The Makr Shopping Cart and Checkout follows a straightforward user flow. It supports United States and Canadian addresses.