Makr Email Templates

Makr-branded transactional emails for order and account notifications

Welcome Email

Order Confirmation Email


UI Design

HTML/CSS Development

Email Template Testing



When the user creates a new account, places an order, resets their password, or has an order shipped to them, they receive a transactional email.

I designed these email templates to match the existing Makr Design System and share the same colors, fonts, and other visual elements. I implemented the HTML/CSS for each template and tested it across different devices and email clients. For some Shopify transactional emails, I used Liquid templating to include dynamic order and customer information.

Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is sent when an account is created

Order Confirmation Email

In the Order Confirmation email, I implemented conditional liquid templating to have different copy depending on purchase type. When a downloadable logo was purchased, the email has a prominent button to download the logo files.

Order Out for Delivery

When the order is out for delivery, the user receives an email with a prominent call-to-action to track the shipment.