Makr Help Site

Helping users find the answers they need about the Makr product

  • UI/UX Design
  • HTML/CSS Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Planning
  • WordPress Development
  • Makr

A unified Makr help and support site

The help site provides the user with information about the Makr product, both pre-purchase and post-purchase. Users can find information on topics such as the size of their digital logo, how to order samples, what shipping options are available, and how to change marketing email settings. Users can search and filter help articles to find the exact answer that pertains to the version of Makr they are using. The user also has the ability to contact our support team for further assistance.

I worked with our Product Manager and Product Specialist to determine the best user flow and information architecture for the Help Site. I recommended a structure where articles are categorized by product type (Website, iPad, or iPhone). The user can then select the Makr product type they are using and select an article to view. They can also search by keyword and filter those results by product type.

I created a WordPress theme to display the content for the Help Site. I worked with our Lead Product Designer to finalize the user interface and experience designs. It follows the Makr Design System across the rest of the Makr Website product. I also created a separate WordPress theme that is used for displaying help and support information in the Makr for iOS apps.

Help Site Homepage

The help site homepage allows the user to find help articles related to the Makr product they are using. They can also search or contact our support team.

Search & Filter

The user can search for a specific articles and filter the results by Makr product.

Article Page & Feedback

The article page displays the contents of the selected article as well as a clear call to action to contact support if needed. The user can also submit feedback if the contents of the article was helpful or not.

Contact Support

The contact support form connects to a Zendesk account, which is used by our support team.

In-App Help

The In-App Help pages are designed to reflect the user interface style of the iOS apps. It was implemented using the same WordPress website, but a separate WordPress theme which is dynamically included for when the user views the content within the app.