Makr Logo to Print Product Experience

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Take your logo further

The Makr website is centered around business branding and the value of your unique logo. Throughout the creation and purchase process, it emphasized the many ways that your logo could be applied to many different products.


  1. Increase conversion of logo purchases
  2. Reduce the friction between creating a logo and a product with that logo
  3. Explore a future version centered around building a brand

I was responsible for the user interface and experience design of both the Phase 1 Add to Cart experience as well as exploring future iterations of it.


The user flow for creating a new print project with a custom logo was not linear

Users needed to backtrack around the website in order to take their newly created logo and apply it to a template. These steps made the process time-consuming and was not ideal for users who didn’t have a deep-rooted knowledge of the Makr website navigation.


Logos are a single project and not connected to a larger brand identity

As users create custom projects with their logo, that logo is only one element of their brand. The logo project itself lacked additional data about their brand including fonts, and colors that could be applied across their print projects.

Phase 1: Add to Cart Modal

Using product analytics data, we also knew that conversion went up when users saw a preview of their logo on a product. We wanted to test the ability for users to go from a logo project to a print project. I collaborated with my Product Manager to map out the user flow and integrate this within the Add to Cart modal.

Since the launch of the updated modal we saw an increase in conversion of logo purchases by 21%.

Phase 2: Future Explorations & Brand Hub

I explored an update to this experience, which brought forward additional personalized print projects to the Logo Purchase page. The addition of personalized print projects created a hub for the user to find prebuilt templates with their logo already applied. It is located in a consistent place, on the logo detail page, and simplifies the process of taking your logo and adding it to Makr templates.

Logo Purchase

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