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As part of the Staples Logo Design Tool, the user is able to customize their selected logo in the logo builder. In order to reduce the time to launch this product, we decided to white-label our existing Makr Logo Builder for the Staples audience, not duplicate any code, and not change any functionality. Due to this we established a limitation on the project that the only things that could be changed are text colors, fonts, and icon colors.

I took this information and adapted the Makr Logo Builder to be branded with the Staples colors and fonts. At this time we also removed the Save button for Staples customers as they could not create an account to save their logo projects. I proposed and reviewed designs with our Product Manager and Lead Product Designer to finalize the designs. I then worked with our Lead UI/UX Architect to implement the Staples branding changes. Once implemented I reviewed the updates in our staging environment.

Logo Builder

The logo builder is branded with Staples fonts and colors

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